Turtle & Bird Rescue

We are helping animals as much as we can here in El Salvador.

Currently we are running an IndieGoGo campaign to help keep the turtles in the ocean, and out of the soup bowl. Find out how you can help our conservation efforts by watching our campaign video!

Our main conservation projects:

1. Supporting the endangered Sea Turtle population on our beaches by purchasing eggs from the poachers and planting them in our turtle sanctuary run by La Tortuga Verde next door. A portion of our sales goes to buying turtle eggs and saving this amazing species.

2. Pelican and other sea bird rescue is our second animal conservation project. At any given time we are feeding about 4-6 sea birds and some one-winged pelicans become our permanent guests at our “pelican retreat”.

Our interns will help with both projects and also research how to make our programs better and search into other animals besides the popular ones that need our help in this region.

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