Balls in the air

10472718_10154830843240405_4987120909958581643_nThe ball has been served and two teams of sweaty players throw themselves after it.

Laughing, cheering and smiling in the afternoon sun while playing volleyball. This is just one of the fun activities we offer at La Tortuga Verde and the Cosmic Cocina!

Besides that… Who doesn’t enjoy a good football match? – or at least just fooling around with a ball, getting sweaty, sandy and catching a nice tan.

Well we love to play around and therefore we make volleyball, football, freespee or other fun teamsports happen twice a week, where we try to gather as many players or cheerleaders as possible. After we finish playing we all jumped on a surfboard, bodyboard or just went for a swim in the fantastic ocean. Yesterday the dophines even came to join us for a sunsetsurf – so great!

A part from the two balldays, you are always welcome to use the ball and net at any time for free (just ask in the office for freespee, ball and net).

The fun ballgames are a part of the ”7 DAYS OF FUN”, witch is our weekly scheduel of activities. The activity of the day will always be written on one of the boards in front of the office.

Come and play…

Written by Cosmic Cocina volunteer Mathilde Streton from Denmark

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