Indian Food Heavan

Curry, ginger, spices and a laughing Indian accent had spred an amazing atmosphere around The Cosmic Cusine at La Tortuga Verde last Thursday night. Ash, the Indian guestchef, who we were lucky to have around for our usual family dinner that runs every Thursday.

His relaxed and cheerful attitude in the kitchen made all the kitchen staff have an amazing day. And on top of just enjoying to be around him and all the lovely Indian curry smells, he also showed us how to make his indian dishes.

His different and delicious menu made 37 guests sign up for dinner that night, and resulted in happy stomachs, new friendships and overall a fun evening for everyone.

The menu was vegetarian and consisted of coconut curry (coconuts from our own trees) with different vegetables, a potato dish with lime, fresh cilantro, and other spices, plain rice and delicious green lentel Dahl. But the most populare dish was the Manchoorian, which consists of fried cauliflower with a red spicesauce made of ginger and garlic paste, different chillies (sweet and spicy), tomatoes, spring onions and green and red peppers. On top of all the different dishes he made an incredible tamarin sauce.

For drinks we had our usual homemade lemongrass and jamaica icetea, which was the perfect combination to the Indian food.

All in all everybody went to bed with their stomachs full and happy that night!

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